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Milinda Ysasi

From our CEO

The experiences of 2020 on small businesses, families and our team will never be forgotten. My hope is that we take the challenges, uncertainty, loss and turn them into opportunity, not just for GROW but for the communities we serve. The experiences of COVID-19 have made me long for life before and we must not forget that the normal for COVID-19 was not equitable for all. That is our future, in 2021 and beyond, a more equitable, accessible, and just economy. Our future will look and feel different as we co-create a space for innovation, belonging and wealth creation.

While we put 2020 behind us, we are excited about the future of GROW. We have been working to solidify our identity as a CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution). We hope to have the opportunity to connect and reconnect to partners and the community. While our organization may look different, we will never forget the reason CDFI’s were created, to stop the discriminatory practices of traditional financing. GROW will work to be a maximizer to our entrepreneurial partners to ensure a most just and equitable recovery from COVID-19.

-Milinda Ysasi, GROW Chief Executive Office